General Publishing Principles



It will operate with the status of an international peer-reviewed and indexed e-journal. It has determined the publication interval as once a year (December) in 2022-2023 and as MONTHLY as of 2024.

When accepting articles, it takes into consideration the factors of originality, research focus and impact.

For articles sent to the journal system, even if the referee process has been completed positively, the decision on whether the study will be published or not depends on the decision of the editorial board.

Articles submitted for publication must not have been published before or must not be in the process of being evaluated for publication in other media when uploaded to the system. In this regard, the responsibility for any problems that may arise from the publication activity belongs to the author.

It publishes only texts related to original and scientific articles. Congress and symposium proceedings can also be published as articles, provided that they are cited.

Any legal, judicial, economic and ethical liability that may arise from submitted and/or published studies belongs to the authors, even if the article in question has been published. The journal does not accept any liability.

The language of publication is TURKISH and ENGLISH. However, publications in RUSSIAN and ARABIC languages ​​can also be accepted.

Studies uploaded to the journal system may be requested to be withdrawn by the author at any stage before publication. Authors are not asked for a reason for withdrawing their article. The work is returned upon the request and request of the author. However, requests to take down published works can never be accepted.


QMX JOURNAL article publication process works through the following processes:

The corresponding author must first register with the journal system. Filling in the information completely is important for the effectiveness of the communication with the author. Member registration information is kept confidential by the journal management and is not shared with any institution or organization.

After membership registration, before uploading an article, a similarity report of the study must be obtained and must be ready to be uploaded to the system. The accepted similarity rate is maximum 25%.

Before the article is uploaded, the copyright transfer form in the main menu must be downloaded, filled out, signed by all authors, and ready to be uploaded to the system. The copyright transfer form is requested so that the published works can be indexed and presented to various channels such as social media to ensure their dissemination.

Uploading the work that the author wants to publish to the electronic journal system is considered as a publication application. For this reason, the evaluation process of the article is initiated by the editor. All processes between the application stage and the publication of the study take place in the electronic environment of the journal and the process can be easily followed by the author.