General Publication Ethical Principles

1. QMX JOURNAL is an international peer-reviewed and indexed e-journal. It publishes in monthly periods based on numbers.

2. Originality, importance and impact factors are taken into consideration in accepting the studies to be sent to QMX JOURNAL for publication. For this reason, even if the study is uploaded to the journal system and the referee process is reported positively, the decision whether to publish the study depends on the decision of the editorial board.

3. QMX JOURNAL is a journal that publishes studies in the field of SOCIAL SCIENCES. It publishes only texts related to original and scientific articles. In addition, congress and symposium proceedings can be published as articles, provided that the place, meeting and date of presentation are recorded and they have not been published elsewhere. However, the responsibility for any problems that may arise from this publication activity belongs to the author.

4. Articles sent to QMX JOURNAL must not have been published in any media before and must not be in the publication evaluation process of another publication when added to the system.

5. Those who want to submit a study for publication to QMX JOURNAL must REGISTER as a MEMBER to the journal system and upload their articles along with their similarity reports.

6. Since the name used in membership will be added to the author section of the works deemed worthy of publication during the publication phase, authors must become members of the Article Tracking System with the names they use while carrying out their academic activities.

7. Adding any article to the electronic system of QMX JOURNAL is considered as an application for publication and the evaluation process of the article begins.

8. All transactions in the process from the application to the publication of the article are carried out electronically.

9. Printing and publishing rights of the articles sent to QMX JOURNAL for publication are transferred to the journal. In line with the policy of preserving and protecting the copyright of published works, works sent to QMX JOURNAL Magazine cannot be published, reproduced or used without citing the source in another media organ without permission from the journal management. QMX JOURNAL Magazine may publish the texts it has published in various media such as indexing and social media in order to ensure dissemination.

10. Any legal, legal, economic and ethical liability that may arise from the articles sent to QMX JOURNAL belongs to the authors, even if the article in question has been published. The journal does not accept any liability.

11. QMX JOURNAL's publication language is primarily Turkish and English, but publications are accepted in all world languages.

12. The author may request to withdraw the studies uploaded to QMX Journal at any stage before publication. The work is returned to the author in line with the author's request and request, regardless of the reason for withdrawal. However, REQUEST TO REMOVE PUBLICATION OF PUBLISHED STUDIES CANNOT BE ACCEPTED.